Milestones in our history

1946 Professor Y.V. Paatero publishes his first research study about panoramic imaging.

1947 Paatero builds his first working prototype, Parablograf, based on his invention. 

1951–1957 Paatero develops the device further, Pantomograph and Ortopantomograph see the light of day.

1961 Paatero and engineer Timo Nieminen develop the first dental panoramic imaging device suitable for industrial production – ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ is launched.

1964 Ruusuvaara Oy is founded to manufacture and market ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™. 

1967 Ruusuvaara Oy changes its name to Palomex Oy.

1977 Instrumentarium Oyj acquires Palomex Oy. Soredex Oy is founded.

1982 Orion Group Oy acquires Soredex Oy.

1988 Palomex Oy changes its name to Instrumentarium Imaging.

2001 Instrumentarium Oyj acquires Soredex.

2003 General Electric (GE) acquires Instrumentarium Oyj. Instrumentarium Imaging and Soredex form GE Healthcare Dental unit. Soredex continues under its name, Instrumentarium Imaging changes its name to GE Healthcare.

2005 Altor Equity Partners acquires the dental business from GE, and Palodex Group Oy is founded to continue as the mother company for Instrumentarium Dental and Soredex. 

2009 Danaher Corporation acquires Palodex Group from Altor.

2014 Palodex Group Oy celebrates its 50-year anniversary.

2016 The name KaVo Kerr Group Finland is taken in use.  The company becomes the centre of excellence for dental imaging R&D and manufacturing within KaVo Kerr.


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