KaVo Kerr is the world leader in smart products and processes that enable dental professionals to confidently optimize their work and lives. KaVo Kerr represents a broad portfolio of industry-leading equipment, consumable and specialty brands. With more than 500 years of combined experience, our brands are market leaders and represent the very best in the world.

KaVo Kerr is a part of US based Danaher Corporation: a global science and technology innovator company. Danaher is listed at NYSE (DHR), is ranked among the 150 largest ones on the Fortune 500 and has a stock quote development outperforming the S&P 500 Index by nearly 2.800 percent during the past 20 years.

KaVo Kerr Group Finland, also known as Palodex Group, is the center of excellence for dental imaging R&D and manufacturing within the global KaVo Kerr. Additionally, we host the EMEA customer care operations center for imaging, including technical support, field service and repair.

Our company was founded in 1964 to manufacture and commercialize a panoramic radiography imaging method that was a revolutionary Finnish invention of its time. The device was named ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™, which has become a synonym for excellent image quality, reliability and usability in the industry. Our company history and heritage oblige us to carry on the tradition of being among the industry leading companies.

Today KaVo Kerr Group Finland is among the biggest health technology companies in the country. We are located in Tuusula, within the Helsinki metropolitan area, where we have large and modern facilities. Having R&D and production to work side by side gives us agility to transfer product development into production lines. Our X-ray generation expertise and image quality reconstruction development are some of our core competencies, which together with Lean practices and processes make our imaging systems to be beyond comparison. Our business is guided by the mindset of continuous improvement. We have been applying Lean methods throughout the 2000s, and are currently one of Finland’s leading Lean pioneers and benchmark companies.



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Our imaging devices and solutions represent excellence in know-how and the sharpest edge of health technology. We develop and manufacture the whole array of dental imaging devices and systems. In addition to 2D panoramic and cephalometric devices, we also provide our customers with intraoral X-ray units, digital intraoral sensors, imaging plate readers, software solutions and cone beam computed tomography systems for 3D imaging, representing the latest imaging technology.

Our brands, KaVo, GENDEX™, INSTRUMENTARIUM DENTAL™ and SOREDEX™, have been appreciated by dental professionals for decades. Each brand offers reliable high-quality solutions for dental and maxillofacial imaging needs.

Our end-customers consist of healthcare professionals, such as general practitioners, specialty dentists, oral surgeons, radiologists and X-ray nurses. Our well-designed devices do not leave room for compromises, but fulfil every user’s high expectations. We continue to collaborate with professionals in the field to include user experience and feedback into our product development as effectively as possible.

Our business is primarily international as even 99% of our revenue is generated by exports. Dental imaging devices and solutions developed and produced in Finland are installed in some 100 countries all around the world. Our turnover is approximately 130 MEUR and we employ about 400 people.

Over 50 years of dental imaging experience, hard work and engagement of our associates have created a successful, global high technology business. Through our values based on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, we have a passion to develop and manufacture high-quality products that satisfy the needs and even exceed the expectations of our customers. We aim to make things better – for our customers, our company, our associates and the world. We have a business that has a purpose, every day. As we say at Danaher: our Shared Purpose is Helping Realize Life’s Potential.

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Our brands, KaVo, GENDEX™, INSTRUMENTARIUM DENTAL™ and SOREDEX™, have been highly acknowledged by dental professionals already for several decades and are renowned names in the industry. By providing our customers with high-quality imaging solutions we are confident to be able to win their trust over and over again.

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Quality and Environment 

KaVo Kerr Group Finland is committed at all levels of its business activities to ensure customer satisfaction with its products and services. The basic requirement for our business is that we comply with any regulations that apply to the quality, safety and functionality of KaVo Kerr Group Finland’s products in any part of the world where our products and services are offered.

Our quality system complies with ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 13485 (CMDCAS) standards, and with the laws and requirements in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, China and Brazil. Our products are approved and registered globally. The testing and monitoring of our products is always performed adhering to the standards. Our business operations are monitored and audited by healthcare product technology authorities around the world.

KaVo Kerr Group Finland is committed to conducting its business in an environmentally responsible way. We follow to the letter all laws and applicable regulations related to environmental impacts, and continuously improve the efficiency of our certified environmental management system. We pay close attention to health and safety issues by making sure we comply with all related requirements, and never compromise on occupational safety. We foster and protect the health and safety of our associates, business partners, customers and local community members in everything we do.

ISO 13485 and 9001 Certificate ISO 14001 Certificate CE Certificate

Work for Us

We are a center of excellence for dental imaging research & development and manufacturing.  We want to be the best experts in our field, so we are continuously developing the expertise of our personnel. We invest in innovative product development in order to guarantee the success of our business also in the future. We follow Lean methods and processes across all our business functions, which gives our associates great learning opportunities within one of the most successful management systems.

We care about our employees: associate engagement and job satisfaction are extremely important to us. We take associate feedback seriously, listen with open ears and continuously work for having the best team in the dental imaging industry.

As a part of a multinational corporation we are able to offer great career development possibilities within the dynamic and global healthtech business, a vantage point into the exciting and rapidly developing dental imaging industry, a team of professionals to grow with you and a work that has a purpose, every day.